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~ISLAM IS THE ONLY SOLUTION~ (surah 3 ayah 102) Believers, fear Allah as He should be feared, and do not die except as Muslims. (surah 15 ayah 2) It could be that those who disbelieve will wish that they were Muslims.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Discovering world around us....!

Assalamoalykum and hey all !

Sometime I think we all know regardless of any belief that we get life only once but how many of us are we 'making most of it'?
I for example am doing ACCA and working as an accountant.This is it! this is my life..!In my spare time I am either eating and chilling with my friends or busy with my family.My life is Home, college, office, some food areas of london and that is it!
To come to think of it, I like most of 'ordinary' people am living in a box and because i feel comfortable in this box I am not ready to get out and discover the beautiful room around me and question who and why have I been put in this box.This system has engaged us so much that we dont feel the neccesity to think outside the box rather we are satisfied with what ever knowledge we have about our surroundings and If someone tells us something new like 'Plants grow healthier when they are stroked', all we do is big amazed expression and then not bothered expression!
I personally think that we should take a topic, any topic (what is around us, how is the current world shaping etc) and then read about it and get as much information about it as possible.I know you must be thinking what a waste of time but trust me knowledge always come handy.Nothing is ever wasted, At some time or Some point in your life that knowledge will help and even if it doesnt atleast u will be able to say ' yes I have a life and I made most of it' :)
What are your views? eagerly waiting for your replies :)

Many thanks for reading

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Any one interested in studying Islam Online

Hi and Assalamoalykum

Anyone interested in studying islam Online sitting at home..Well here is the oppertunity

You can get internationally recognised Bacholars degree in islamic studies and also diplomas which are very knowledgeable.
If anyone has enrolled there please let me knw...looking forward to have study partners
Keep smiling :)