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~ISLAM IS THE ONLY SOLUTION~ (surah 3 ayah 102) Believers, fear Allah as He should be feared, and do not die except as Muslims. (surah 15 ayah 2) It could be that those who disbelieve will wish that they were Muslims.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

DEATH and Life!

Oh! life surely is sooooo busy.I think its quite boring without an aim…isnt it??

I mean every day we look forward to another day.. and thats how we live and all of us have some short term andlong termed goals.But one goal is common between us and that is ofcourse DEATH!This word seems very scary.But Y??! Yis it scary? y are we scared to die when we know that its a natural proccess and everyone Dies!??some just simply die in their beds and some are KILLED by people who even have to die one day.
I really like this quote:" i wonder at a person who watches many deaths everyday but still forgets his own death"
Is death scary because its painful? But even birth is painful.
Is death scary because we know that after that we will be in another life?…..

Some people dont believe in Life Hereafter but still they are scared of death. Its because They say that they dont believe in Life after death but in their very own heart they know the truth.That yes there will be another life where they will be rewarded or punished for this life!
For the people who dont believe in revival of life after death Allah said,
Surah Number: 2, Ayah Number: 28
How can you disbelieve Allah? Did He not give you life when you were dead, and He will cause you to die and then restore you to life. Then you will return to Him.
When Allah has created them for the first time when they were dead..cant he create them again!!?Ofcourse he is the only one who can!
Surah Number: 3, Ayah Number: 145
It is not for any soul to die except by the permission of Allah - a postponed book - and he who desires the reward of this world, We shall give him of it, and he who desires the reward of the Everlasting Life, We shall give him of it. And We will recompense the thankful.
Even Our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) died like any human being.
Volume: 1, Book Number: 11, Hadith Number: 649
Narrated Anas:
The Prophet did not come out for three days. The people stood for the prayer and Abu Bakr went ahead to lead the prayer. (In the meantime) the Prophet caught hold of the curtain and lifted it. When the face of the Prophet appeared we had never seen a scene more pleasing than the face of the Prophet as it appeared then. The Prophet beckoned to Abu Bakr to lead the people in the prayer and then let the curtain fall. We did not see him (again) till he died.

Now the only way is to prepare for Death!Thats what we have to do.Prepare ourselves by our actions and deeds to reach our destination for which we dont get scared. We should FEAR Allah’s punishment but HOPE for his mercy.Both the feelings should be present together.As the ayah of Quraan states,
Surah Number: 17, Ayah Number: 57
Those, they call upon are themselves seeking a means to come to their Lord, competing with each other to be nearer; they hope for His Mercy and fear His punishment. Indeed, the punishment of your Lord is the subject of caution
Let us all pray That Allah grant us jannat-ul-Firdous and Forgive our sins For All of us have to die one day.LEts prepare for our death rather than getting depressed at thought of it!

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